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The National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum

honors antislavery abolitionists, their work to end slavery,

and the legacy of that struggle, and strives to complete the second

and ongoing abolition – the moral conviction to end racism.



The Peterboro Presbyterian Church late 19c. early 20c.     

The NYS Anti-Slavery Society met in the Peteboro Presbyterian Church on October 22, 1835




Why an Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum?

So we never forget!

In the fall of 1835, members of the anti-slavery movement in New York State publicized their plans to establish a state society (Morrison 65).  Announcements went out for the inaugural meeting to be held at the Second Presbyterian Church, Bleecker Street, Utica on October 21.  After the meeting had convened, about eighty men pushed their way into the church with cries of “Open the way!  Break down the doors!  Damn the fanatics!  Stop your damn stuff!” (Morrison 61).  The meeting was successfully interrupted.

Gerrit Smith was present in Utica and invited the convention attendees to complete their meeting in Peterboro the next day Read more     

An Exhibit chronicling American Abolition from the Colonial Period to the current period of the Ongoing and Second Abolition is being installed in the assembly room of the Smithfield Community Center home of the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum in a manner that provides occasional mobility when the stage and assembly are used for staged presentations. The Smithfield Community Center orginally the Peterboro Presbyterian Church was the site of the inaugural meeting of the New York State Antislavery Society in 1835. The primary researcher and author of the exhibit is Milton C. Sernett, Ph.D. professor emeritus Syracuse University where Dr. Sernett taught   African American studies.

Abolitionists have been inducted to the Hall of Fame during the odd numbered years on the October weekend closest to the anniversary of the inaugural meeting of the New York State Anti-Slavery Society held in Peterboro on October 22, 1835. 

2015 was the 10th anniversary of the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum. In 2015, the focus of the October events was a special celebration of Lincoln that included a keynote presentation on Lincoln: and the Abolitionist Press: An American Evolution by Harold Holtzer, President of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation. There were no inductions of abolitionists during the 2015 celebrations.

The induction process will continue in October 2016 with the inductions now taking place during the even numbered years and the commemorations during the odd numbered years.


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The National Abolition Hall of fame and Museum (NAHOF)

encourages public nominations of abolitionists to the Hall of Fame.




National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum

5255 Pleasant Valley Road

PO Box 55

Peterboro N.Y. 13134

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