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The Hall of Fame presents a 30" x 6' banner for each of the abolition inductees. At the October commemoration ceremonies (held on the even numbered years) a banner for each of the inductees is unveiled by persons and organizations affiliated with the inductee.  These persons have been relatives, biographers, members of associated organizations, etc.  The New York Council for the Humanities, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, has also supported the banner projects.

The commanding image on each banner is a portrait of the inductee created for the occasion by artist Joseph Flores of Rochester. The text on the banner includes brief information on the life, work, and legacy of the inductee. This information is composed by the public nominators, NAHOF scholars, and association teams. The colors of the banners are according to the year of the induction. After the commemoration unveiling, the banners are added to the banner assembly in the Hall of Fame in Peterboro NY.

After the induction of an abolitionist, NAHOF continues to provide programs and exhibits on each inductee.



The public is encouraged to nominate abolitionists to the Hall of Fame who worked in America for the immediate abolition of slavery in the United States, who made significant impact in the abolition movement prior to 1870, and who  meet the criteria set forth in the Public Nomination Application. The nomination requires that an abolitionist not only meet the criteria for admittance, but that the nomination provides the information needed to facilitate a meaningful induction.

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