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Nomination Timeline

  • 2015 was the 10th anniversary of the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum. In 2015, the focus of the October events were a special celebration of Lincoln: The Great Emancipator. There was no induction of abolitionists during the 2015 celebrations. The induction process will continue after the 2015 events with the inductions now taking place during the even numbered years and the commemorations during the odd numbered years.
  • 2016 Nominations were received by January 31, 2015, the Inductee Selection Committee has met and made their final recommendations to the Cabinet of Freedom.
  • The announcement of the 2016 Inductees was be made in January of 2016. 
  • The next induction will take place in October of 2016. 

The Induction/Commemoration schedule for the next 10 years:














National Abolition Hall of Fame & Museum  

Public Nomination Form


Criteria for Induction to the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum

  • Nominees must have worked in America for the immediate abolition of slavery in the United States and must have made significant impact in the abolition movement prior to 1870 to be considered.

  • Recognizable activities include (but are not limited to):

    • Publisher/editor of an abolition newspaper or journal

    • Author of books, pamphlets, and/or articles that advocated the immediate abolition of slavery

    • Orator

    • UGRR stationmaster/conductor/vigilance committee member

    • Political leader at the local, state, or national level

    • Religious leader of antislavery denomination or institution

    • Philanthropist and donor

    • Educator or administrator at integrated/abolitionist school

    • Involvement with local, state, or national antislavery organizations

  • Recognition by noted abolitionists, especially current inductees (available on our website


Nomination Guidelines

The National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum (NAHOF) invites persons or organizations to nominate abolitionists who worked in the United States for the immediate abolition of slavery, and who made significant impact in the abolition movement prior to 1870 to be considered/nominated for induction.

Nominations must be submitted electronically. Each nomination will be reviewed by the inductee committee of the Cabinet of Freedom for accuracy, documentation, and compliance with stated criteria. The completed application is used to determine the merits of the nominee for induction into the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum.

The applications also become the primary planning tool for the induction and commemoration events. The application may require networking with other persons and organizations so that others interested in participating in the ceremonies can be contacted.

  • Please complete all applicable information.

  • Please clearly label each section of the application.

  • There are seven (7) sections to this application: Sections 3, 4, and 
7 are optional, but strongly encouraged.

  • Submit completed applications to


The applications will be processed by the Inductee Committee of the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum’s Cabinet of Freedom. The Inductee Committee will forward copies of the applications to expert readers to evaluate the suitability of the nominee for induction. The Inductee Committee will select the top four (or fewer) abolitionists according to a balance determined by the Cabinet of Freedom. Upon approval by the Cabinet of Freedom, all applicants will be notified of the status of their nomination.

Important Dates:

January 31, 2018: Public Announcement of Inductees

October 2018: Induction Ceremony

October 2019: Commemoration Ceremony: Banners for the Hall of Fame Unveiled


Section 1. — Nominator Information

a. Person(s) or Organization(s) submitting the nomination :

b. Address:

c. City, State/Province, Zip Code, Country:

d. Phone Number:

e. E-mail Address:

f. Web Site:


Section 2. — Nominee Information

a. Nominee's Name:

b. Nominee's Birth Date:

c. Nominee's Date of Death:

d. Nominee's Place of Burial:

e. Address of Place of Burial:

f. Short biography of individual (approximately 500 words) that emphasizes the nominee’s major contributions to immediate abolitionism: 

g. List the key points why this individual deserves induction into the National Abolition Hall of Fame. Please consider the nominee’s significance to the abolitionist movement, including meets NAHOF’s criteria for activism and leadership, exceeds NAHOF’s criteria, or adds another important dimension to the history of abolition, and contributes to the diversity of abolitionists represented in NAHOF:

h. Identification: Provide evidence that this individual self-identified as an abolitionist or that others identified this individual as an abolitionist.

i. Suggested Banner Descriptor (50 words. This short summary of the candidate’s abolitionist career will appear on a banner in the museum):

j. Abolition Quote (25 words. This quote, by the nominee, will also be placed on the banner honoring the individual’s contributions to the abolitionist movement):

k. As a separate attachment, please include an image of the nominee.

l. Contact Information for Media in Area of Nominator:

m. Contact Information for Media in Area of Nominee:


Section 3. — Connections (Please note this section is optional but encouraged)

a. Please provide the names, and contact information of living descendants of the nominee. These persons will be invited to the induction ceremony should this nominee be inducted.

b. Associated Museums, Historical Homes, and Organizations: Please provide the names, and contact information so that these organizations may be notified if the nominee is inducted.


Section 4. — Additional Nominee Information (Optional but encouraged)

a. Bibliography of Works By and About the Nominee

b. Any Additional Supporting Materials


Section 5. — Induction and Commemoration

a. Please include a list of suggested speakers or programs for the Induction/Commemoration:


Section 6. – Application Agreement

Application, materials, and information submitted become the property of the NAHOF and will not be returned.



Section 7. – Nomination Feedback (Optional but encouraged)

Please provide us with feedback on the application process. We welcome both kudos and opportunities for improvement!




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